What's Up, Philly?

Miles Sanders NFL Running Back Philadelphia Eagles

By Miles Sanders

had a feeling I was going to be an Eagle.

At least, I knew I wanted to be one.

Throughout the whole draft process, Philadelphia was high on my list. I had a lot of good predraft workouts, but the one in Philly I thought was one of my best. And I really liked everybody that I met. The whole vibe was good, you know?

So on Day 2 of the draft, when my phone rang and it was Howie Roseman saying, “Congratulations, you’re gonna be an Eagle!” … man, it’s tough to even describe. I didn’t know what to say. I was just like, “Uhhh … thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Then Coach Pederson got on the phone, then Duce, and I couldn’t even hear them because I was surrounded by my friends and family, and they were going crazy. My mom was crying, I was getting emotional. It was a special moment.

Since then, it’s been nonstop, just trying to get up to speed and get ready for the season.

And I’m telling you, Philly … every day that I’m here, it becomes more and more obvious that I couldn’t have landed in a better spot.

That’s why I wanted to hit you guys up real quick before the season starts. Everything has happened so fast, and things have been so crazy, that I never got a chance to properly introduce myself.

So … I’m Miles.

Sometimes I go by Boobie...